Earlier this week, the National Association for Business Economics announced a recent survey found that 48 of 50 economic forecasters believe a recession -- traditionally defined as two or more consecutive quarters with a shrinking gross domestic product -- is in full swing. It was tough news, especially if you like riches.

On a positive note, Asylum did its own survey and found out that if the recession turns into an out-and-out Great Depression, Part II, it won't be all bad. In fact, there's a bunch of cool stuff from the first big-time economic bust that we think is primed to make a comeback. You can give it a gander in the gallery below.

Stuff From the Great Depression

    Edible Shoes Charlie Chaplin quietly proved to the world the slogan "Your Kicks: It's What's for Dinner."


    Barrel Pants Stop worrying about that extra inch or two you've added to your waist (from eating 25-cent "Little Debbie" snacks for every meal) with the barrel-and-suspender combo wrapped around your birthday suit.

    Getty Images

    Newsboy Hats We're not sure why, but for some reason, when guys go flat broke, they wear the hats that go well with yelling "Extra ... Extra ... Read all about it."

    Keystone / Getty Images

    Rucksacks Some time in January, when you're waxing nostalgic with your new hobo friends on a hopped train, a nice rucksack just might make you king of the bums.

    H. Armstrong Roberts, Retrofile / Getty Images

    Shantytowns Who doesn't love camping out? Once you lose your home in the foreclosure crunch you can be sleeping in a tent year round. Crashing in the local park is an adventure for kids of all ages.

    FPG / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Personal Pimping Ever wonder what your sexual day rate is? Find out now, while people still have $ in their pockets.

    Damian Dovarganes, AP

    Professional Dusting A lot of vocations will vanish when the Dust Bowl comes back. This is not one of them.

    George Skadding, Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

    Discount Soup If you're not in the business of selling lukewarm broth that's priced to move, you're only hurting yourself. And together we can finally put the Soup Nazi out of business.

    Castle Rock

    A pot to piss in We know from the expression that this is the final possession you're going to lose to true poverty. Guard yours with your life.

    Sasha / Getty Images