Yesterday, Agency Spy broke the news that a couple of employees at a New York-based ad agency were caught on film having sex in a cubicle, and today Gawker posted the whole (unsexy) video. The employee who shot the video (and was subsequently fired) agreed to give us an anonymous interview.

What the heck happened?

It was one Friday afternoon and I received a call from a co-worker that he had found, or stumbled upon, two people making love in a cubicle. I didn't believe him, but I just ran up to meet him anyway to see what it was and sure enough, there were two people doing it. I know their names but I don't know them personally. It was around 5:10 in the afternoon -- not very late at all. It's an ad agency, so there are people there around the clock. The creatives don't leave until around 7 or 8.

And you just ran and grabbed a camera or what?
It was my cell phone, so my co-worker was snapping pictures with his iPhone and I was taping with my cell phone and there was a third guy who was just watching. It was like the Little Rascals just peeping over the wall giggling and running away and then coming back. It lasted about a good 20 minutes.

Find out how the video went viral and its cameraman lost his job after the jump.

And how did the video get out?
I showed a couple of officemates on my phone and everyone was shocked and awed. I downloaded it to my computer and sent it on to two other co-workers and that was all the digital distribution I did and it just went viral from there. And a week later it ended up on Gawker and Mediabistro and then the word got back to me that all the creatives were sending it around. I freaked. I thought it was amazing how something could go viral and end up online so quickly when I had nothing to do with it really. I didn't call Gawker. I didn't e-mail anybody.

So how did they trace it back to you?
My theory is that someone in the agency who knew it was on my phone ratted me out. I got approached by HR and I was questioned and confessed and they said thanks for your honesty but we gotta let you go.

What about the people who were having sex in the office?
They still work there. I think it's wrong. I don't see why I should get canned and not the ones who were doing the deed. But my plan is just to keep on trucking and find another job. My true goal is to join an agency as an art director.

Um, does anybody have a job for this poor dude?