At Asylum, we consider the body a sacred temple that shouldn't be debased. On the other hand, a tattoo of a dolphin in a recliner smoking a bong is wonderfully stupid.

Hence our fascination with the new book "No Regrets: The Best Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever."

A "No Regrets" tattoo is one that would stop you cold if you saw it on a girl right before you were about to hook up. It could also disqualify you from being a sperm donor.

So enjoy, just don't get drunk and end up getting the same tat as one of these poor saps.

Note: The photo captions are from the book as well.

Terrible Tattoos

    Skull face

    "What? What do you mean the auditions for Skeletor are over? But I..."


    Fer sur.

    Chess Man

    If he doesn't get free curly fries at Checkers for that, there's no justice.

    Armpit Crotch

    "Moulin Rouge" affected different people in different ways.

    The Great Ones

    Let's just hope there's room on that other roll for Carrot Top.

    Dead Bikers

    Looks like someone didn't share the road.


    I'll bet he's a hoot at the airport. And the bank. And the 7-Eleven.

    Jesus Rogers

    We always said Kenny Rogers was God. Finally, proof.

    Chair & Ottoman

    The choice for furniture salesmen/bikers everywhere.