As much as we like television, magazines and billboards, there are few things more transfixing than the undulating backside of a beautiful woman. Perhaps that's why one U.K. lapdancing club has decided to take advantage of most men's inability to look away from a shapely rump by selling ad space on dancer's bare butts.

Dan Phillips, the enterprising booking agent for the Platinum Lounge in Cheshire, came up with the idea to stencil 15cm by 10m ads for local businesses on human canvases with body paint. "Local firms can sponsor as many of the girls as they wish and we hope the novelty of the scheme will ensure their message will stick in the minds of those people visiting the club," he says.

Dan compares the bootymercials to Formula 1 driver's racing suits and says corporate sponsors will be offered a special deal for their clients to visit the club. "It could just help clinch that important contract," he says.

Dan's idea has us thinking about what other messages would be better served up on a stripper's bottom -- layoffs, for example, or marriage proposals. Can you imaging the tears of joy in your lady's eyes as she reads your words of love off a pair of perfectly perky butt cheeks?