(Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

A Colorado company is selling a genetic test that is purported to be able to determine the sport for which a child is best suited.

The $150 test from Atlas Sports Genetics analyzes a child's saliva for variants of ACTN3, a gene previous studies have linked to athletic aptitude. Depending on the presence or absence of different strains of ACTN3, the test's results will suggest if a child's natural abilities trend toward speed and power sports, like basketball or football, or endurance sports, like cycling or long-distance running.

While experts acknowledge there may be some validity to this method, they warn ACTN3 is only one of many factors, biological or otherwise, that go into the making of a good athlete.

We can only hope this test doesn't prevent those in the future from having the kind of vivid recollections of childhood humiliation we regularly look back on.

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