Ever have the feeling that the world might be better if it were populated with more people like you? There's a way to do that without the messy and frustrating prospect of raising kids: Just donate your genetic material.

A man in the Netherlands -- known as Europe's "most committed" sperm donor -- has fathered 46 children so far via artificial insemination.

Maastricht native Ed Houben (pictured here) says he spills his seed out of altruism, "because I know how hard it is for people who desperately want a child." The tour guide has become such a popular inseminator that people recommend him through the Internet and word of mouth to women who want to have children

Houben says he hasn't had sex with any of the women whose children he's fathered, but he recently held a party at his home for all of his seedlings and their families. "The kids had the chance to play with their half-brothers and sisters, which was nice," he said.

To donate like Houben, you need healthy swimmers. Click here to see our gallery of myths about what causes low sperm counts.

Low Sperm Count Myths

    Steriod Use
    Legit: Any kind of testosterone supplementation including anabolic steroids -- the kind used by athletes and the insanely vain -- can decrease testicular function and thus dramatically reduce fertility. (For more details, See Dr. Ken's article on the effects of steroids.)

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    Drinking Mountain Dew
    Bogus: Doing the 'Dew won't affect your sperm count in any way. There have been rumors about other soft drinks, as well, and these are also incorrect. (Decreasing soda intake is worth considering given the empty calories and potentially harmful chemicals the drinks often contain.)

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    Bogus: Shooting blanks is not likely to occur as a result of coffee, tea, or even No-Doz. Excessive intake may have very slight effects but are not likely to effectively impact fertility, so your cup of morning of coffee won't have any meaningful impact.

    Earl S. Cryer, AFP / Getty Images

    Smoking marijuana
    Legit: Chronic and frequent marijuana use impairs sperm and lowers sperm count. It also lowers testosterone levels, which can lead to impotence, loss of interest in sex, and gynecomastia, aka "man boobs."

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    Excessive masturbation
    Bogus: Masturbation will not cause infertility or, for that matter, blindness or hairy palms. If it did, the human race would have died out long ago.

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum.com

    Testicle Size
    Bogus: The normal range of testicular size is quite wide and all sizes, even though small-ish ones, will produce plenty of sperm. If you have concerns about your size, ask your doctor and he/she can assess if there is a problem.

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    Bicycle Seats
    Legit: Sitting on an un-ergonomically shaped bicycle seats for prolonged periods can do two things. 1) It can raise your scrotal temperature and which can decrease sperm production. 2) It can damage to the blood vessels that carry blood (i.e. nutrients) to the testicles. Softer seats and taking breaks can help you avoid this.

    Paul White, AP

    Regularly placing a laptop on your lap
    Legit: If you keep a laptop in your lap, the heat emitted can increase the temperature of the testicles and may consequently decrease sperm production. Keep the laptop on the desk or use a laptop board or pillow to create a buffer in between the computer and you.

    Keeping a cell phone in your front pocket
    Legit: It has been repeatedly demonstrated that cell phone exposure can harm sperm function. In general, the further away from you keep the cell phone, the better. (See Dr. Ken's article on the harmful effects of cell phones for more on the risks and ways to protect yourself.)

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    Wearing tighty whities
    Sort of Legit: There is no actual data showing this to be true, but since anything that raises the temperature of the testicles can potentially impair sperm production tight jockey shorts could, theoretically, do that. Not worth getting crazy about, but if you're trying to have kids, boxers might be a better bet.

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