Go ahead, have a few drinks, watch some TV. If you get a little heated, let off some steam by swearing at the screen as loud as you want. It's your own home, right? Martin Solomon is probably screaming "wrong," as the 62-year-old plumber in the U.K. has been fined for shouting "foul and offensive language" at his television. The fine, along with court costs, amounts to about $225.

The pricey gag order was imposed using a law against "anti-social behavior," applied to Solomon from a previous high-decibel bender. The neighbors who complained have two young children who were upset by Solomon's shouting.

Solomon admitted he was guilty, and his lawyer said that he has "tried very hard to comply" with the no-drunken-swearing-at-his-television order. An anti-social behavior counselor also attempted to summarize the cause of Solomon's problems: "Martin is a nice man but drink is the devil amongst him."

Drink may indeed be a problem, and Solomon's lucky his friends and neighbors never subjected him to drunken shamings.


    The one positive is that the Scotch tape probably won't hold throughout the night.


    When it comes to partying, some guys just can't hang.


    The best shamings are the ones where girls help out with tampons, women's underwear and KY.


    When action on the field wanes, passed-out old guys tend to pay the price.


    All dressed up and nowhere to puke.


    Karen woke up at the crack of Dawn.


    The dreads and hemp necklace isn't a good look for you.


    Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!


    If Jonah Hill wants to continue making movies, he's going to have to kick his addiction to 'Quik.


    Clearly, this guy's not a smoker.