One would think that being a burglar would require nerves of steel. After all, the job requires a total lack of morals. One burglar in Malaysia, however, admits he recently got spooked into submission.

When the owners of the house he was robbing returned to their residence, they found the 36-year-old would-be-thief clasping his hands in an apologetic gesture. He claimed that he had been held hostage by a "supernatural figure" for three days, deprived of food and water.

He later told the police that after he broke into the house, he was blinded and had the feeling that he was in a cave. He said he was shoved to the ground by this "figure," who would lay him out over and over, whenever he tried to get up for three days. During this time, he said he shouted for help, but could not manage to flee. He claims it was the first time this had happened in his career of B&E.

Though we think this guy may have been on peyote, we still decided it best to upgrade Asylum's office security system by equipping it with a wrathful spirit.

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    Mark Nesbitt is an author, historian and paranormal investigator whose expertise is the supposedly haunted battle fields of Gettysburg. Using a recording device he once captured electronic voice phenomena (EVP) of a confederate spirit giving a raspy response to Nesbitt's request for a "rebel yell."

    The President of Ghost Chasers International, Patti Starr conducts ghost investigations and shares her experiences with the paranormal on the college tour. The "God Called Me" EVP Starr captured in a Napa Valley cemetery is considered one of the most chilling ever recorded.

    Bob Cervilli,

    Jason Hewes and Grant Wilson are roto-rooter plumbers turned reality TV ghost investigators who rarely turn up hard evidence of paranormal activity, but whose program "Ghost Hunters" has captured some of the best ratings of any show on the Sci-fi network.

    David Drebbin, SciFi

    Poltergeist investigator William Roll has performed parapsychology research in top universities such as Oxford and Duke. He is most famous for being the lead investigator for the "Columbus Poltergeist" case (pictured) in which a photographer reportedly captured a photo of a telephone spontaneously flying about a Ohio home.

    John Zaffis Jr. is an expert in exorcism, and works with religious figures in the eviction of evil spirits from the possessed. In 2006, Zaffis claims to have participated in an exorcism in which a woman levitated from her chair with such force five that people were needed to hold her down.

    Often called the "ghost hunter's ghost hunter," New Orleans-based Gina Lanier has been researching the paranormal for almost 30 years. She claims to have come into contact with many ghosts, including one who lived in the Madri Gras float garage and unplugged the radio anytime he didn't like the music playing.

    With his mantra "reality is not always quantifiable," Stacey Allen McGee is a paranormal double threat: excelling in both poltergeist hunting and matters relating to UFOs. The Alternative Realities Center founder is probably the go-to guy if you think your house is being haunted by a space ghost, on any coast.

    Along with her late domonlogist husband Rick, Lorraine Warren founded the New England Society for Physic Research in 1952. The Warrens were among a handful of investigators allowed in the infamous "Amityville Horror" house. and it was their pictures and accounts which helped shaped the legend.

    Ghost Research Society president, author, and paranormal media gadfly Dale David Kaczmarek analyzes photos and investigates haunted sites in the Chicago area. He rejects the Hollywood notion that ghosts are evil, and has found in his 30 plus years of service ghosts can be playful and mischievous, but never harmful.

    Greg Meyers, founder of the Paranormal Task Force, was one of the lead investigators in the Sci-Fi Channel's "Children of The Grave" documentary. In this clip he brags of capturing a spirit who ominously tells him he "knows too much.

    Spooked Productions / SciFi Channel