(Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

When it comes to the behavior of their partners, men have a broader definition of cheating than women.

Researchers from the University of Northern Iowa asked undergraduates if they thought a range of sexual behaviors -- all the way up to vaginal intercourse -- would count as cheating. The undergrads were then asked if it was cheating if their significant others performed the same acts outside of the relationship. While both sexes showed a double standard in their answers, the hypocrisy was much more pronounced in the male responses.

Sex therapist Illene Donin argues this discrepancy exists because men think that for women, sex is more emotional then physical -- thus any female indiscretion is cheating.

Though it wasn't mentioned specifically in the study, we would just like to reiterate that men do not consider most sexual contact between our girlfriends/wives and their female friends to be cheating. It is generally just considered awesome.

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