(Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

Axe body spray makes men more attractive to women -- although not quite in the way its racy ads suggest.

British researchers gave heterosexual males in their 20s either an unmarked spray can containing Axe, or an odorless placebo. Afterward, they were asked to record a short video describing themselves.

Women who viewed the 15-second videos on mute rated the men who got the real stuff about 10 percent more appealing. Since they obviously couldn't smell the subjects, the experiment doesn't address the assertion that gals are powerless in the face of Axe's mesmerizing odor, but rather suggests guys with a pleasant scent display more confident body language.

We also recently learned that women can tell the difference between "normal sweat" and "sexual sweat" and are profoundly aroused by the latter. But wait, there's more -- turns out ladies find baby powder, cucumbers and licorice to be enticing scents.

We're in the midst of combining all this heady smell-science into confidence-building dating strategies -- or an awesomenew fragrance of our own. In the meantime, why don't we all get in the mood with a look at the 25 sexiest things we saw last year?

The 25 Sexiest Things We Saw Last Year

    Scarlett Johansson. Penelop Cruz. Lesbian liplock. This scene, from "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," is one of those things that doesn't even have to be good to be good, you know?


    Bikini Jell-o Wrestling Gone Wrong In June, a Cambridge university student was so enraged by a loss that she assaulted two bouncers and a female onlooker, leading to an arrest for assault. Both scary and hot.

    Daily Mail

    Eva Mendes What a year the curvaceous actress has had -- between flashing her nip in a Calvin Klein ad, posing naked for PETA and going topless for Italian Vogue, she's rapidly becoming our favorite star. And that's saying something after "The Women."


    Bikini Baristas We applauded May's news that two coffee shops employing bikini-clad baristas had opened in Washington State: Cowgirls Espresso and Hot Chick-a-Latte. Of course, by August there had already been a "scalding incident."


    Leysi SaurezThe Peruvian model who became the victim of a criminal investigation for posing nude with her country's flag really got our blood boiling (at injustice) in July.

    Right Celebrity

    Earth Friend Gen terrorizing her community with nudity In July she campaigned to ride her bike topless in an Oregon parade. By September, she was having 911 called on her for rollerblading in the buff. We love Earth Friend Gen not just for her form, but for the example she sets to women everywhere considering public nudity.


    Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Hotttest. First. Lady. Ever. Sorry, Ladybird Johnson.

    DT Magazine

    Playboy's Girls of the Olive Garden So sue us, we like our half-naked babes with a side of tasty breadsticks. That is definitely not a euphemism, by the way.


    Ashley Dupre Our crush on the spicy vixen call girl who brought down Eliot Spitzer has not been abated by the reality show deals or lame attempts at rapping. Does that mean it's true love?

    New York Post

    Nerdcore's 2009 Calendar Nercore's sexy sci-fi themed nudie calendar also lists important holy days for geeks like Comic-Con. Boner.


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