The ongoing story of Somali pirates taking ships hostage off the coast of Northwest Africa took a strange turn over the weekend, and taught us all the valuable lesson that it's best to wait until you get to shore to partition your plunder.

On Friday, eight Somali pirates made off with a ransom of $3 million after staging the world's biggest ship hijacking. As they attempted to flee, a wave capsized their getaway boat while they were in the middle of arguing over how to split the cash. Two swam safely to shore,one is missing and five ended up in Davy Jones' locker (that means dead in pirate).

The raiders had taken the Sirius Star supertanker -- with a crew of 25 and a cargo of $100 million worth of oil -- two months ago, and had originally demanded nearly $25 million for its return. They eventually accepted $3 million in cash, which was parachuted to them (pictured here).

The body of one of the drowned men washed ashore yesterday, with a plastic bag containing $153,000 in cash in his pocket.

Questions Raised: How big do your pockets need to be to stash 150 large?