Country music legend Dolly Parton is more than just a singer. She's an actress, a business woman, an amusement park proprietor and the proud owner of the most famous cleavage ever. Don't get us wrong, she's incredibly talented and a captivating performer, but the Tennessee native's status as a household name was definitely cemented by her enormous boobage.

So on this, Dolly's 63rd birthday, we'd like to recount her illustrious career via a pictorial history featuring her cleavage. It's a hybrid of historic remembrance and indelible imagery that even a non-country music fan can enjoy.

A Pictorial History of Dolly Partons Cleavage

    In 1967, Dolly joined the country music TV program The Porter Wagoner Show, replacing cast member Norma Jean. It was a family show, so her clothes left much to the imagination.

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    By 1970, Parton had a handful of successful country singles, but had not yet broken into the mainstream. More and more, the neckline of her costuming began to slip lower.

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    From 1974 to 1980, Dolly had enormous success on the country music charts. Her 1977 album "Here You Come Again" sold over a million copies. By October 1978, Playboy magazine announced her as "Country Queen Dolly Parton."

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    Dolly continued her crossover success in the pop charts with "Baby I'm Burning" and "You're The Only One" in 1979. Her heaving cleavage also became a staple of her look.


    Joan Fonda thought Dolly was a perfect fit for "9 to 5" and made sure she was cast in the 1980 film. For her efforts, Parton was nominated for a Golden Globe and scored a hit with movie's theme song.

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    Here's Dolly in her dressing room at Lake Tahoe's Harrah's Club in 1980. She performed a series of live concerts at the venue, and her cleavage never looked better.

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    Before long, more acting work came Parton's way. "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (1982) not only let Parton continue her run of playing tough southern belles, it also allowed her to showcase her world-renown bosom.

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    By 1986, Dolly had taken to wearing blouses that looked like negligee. Her popularity soared.

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    Here's Dolly Parton with Hulk Hogan during taping of a television special in 1987. It's not a great shot of her cleavage, but it's still a pretty cool picture.

    Bob Galbraith, AP

    In 1989, Dolly Parton appeared in "Steel Magnolias" and helped raise awareness for the American Diabetes Association. She also did other stuff, but for some reason our train of thought just derailed and we can't remember what else we were going to write.

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