There are many opportunities to enjoy beautiful women at a sporting event, whether you fancy professional cheerleaders, fans in snugly fitting cropped jerseys or the players' well-maintained trophy wives. But we're not sure any of them can compete with the heady combination of sports knowledge and sex and appeal found in an attractive female sportscaster.

Luckily, is around to ponder such important questions as "Who really is the hottest sportscaster?" in their 2009 Sexiest Sportscasters contest. Take a look at their top picks below and vote for your favorite in our unofficial (but highly scientific) poll.

The Sexiest Sportscasters 2009

    Bonnie Bernstein, CBS

    Charissa Thompson, Fox Sports

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    Erin Andrews, ESPN

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    Lauren Shehadi,

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    Molly Sullivan, MountainWest Sports Network

    Duane Prokop,