According to, Eliza Dushku once told an interviewer that fans had "a better chance of seeing God" than seeing her naked. Call it a beatific vision, but we're pretty sure that's a distinctly disrobed Ms. Dushku on the promo shots for the upcoming Joss Whedon sci-fi series "Dollhouse."

The faintly queasy premise of the show sees the "Buffy" alum as Echo, a brainwashed female for hire who can be inputted with whatever characteristics a client requires (lover! assassin! etc). The 28-year-old is already prime geek fantasy fodder thanks to appearances on "Buffy," "Angel" and her two-season stint as Tru Davies in Fox's abysmally named supernatural thriller "Tru Calling," but it sounds like "Dollhouse" is her sexiest venture to date.

Check out our gallery to see why we'd be first in line to secure Eliza Dushku's services as a killer-human doll-ninja-prostitute, given the opportunity.

Eliza Dushku - Todays Crush

    Eliza Dushku looking glamorous at the 2008 CNN Heroes event. The old dude next to her looking where he shouldn't.

    John Shearer, WireImage

    Promo shot for "Dollhouse," which premieres Feb. 13. The mannequins are a clever visual metaphor for the show's central premise.

    Fox Broadcasting

    Bloodied but still beautiful in a "Dollhouse" still.

    Isabella Vosmikova, FOX

    Dushku's Echo gets zapped in preparation for her next mission. Don't do it Echo! Use your free will!

    Fox Broadcasting

    We can't tell if Eliza Dushku's blank stare in this "Dollhouse" promo shot is meant to represent the brainwashed state of her character or a just a good old fashioned come-to-bed pout. We're going to pretend it's the latter.

    Penn Turin, FOX

    Dushku looking adorable as ever backstage at Spike TV's 2008 "Video Game Awards."

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

    As Vampire-slayer Faith in "Angel," Dushku wasn't just a pretty face. She was a pretty face with a crossbow!

    Mitchell Haddad, The WB

    Dushku proves to Kirsten Dunst that you don't have to be blonde and perky in floral leggings to be a successful cheerleader in "Bring it On." You can wear black leggings and have badly braided brown hair too!


    What's that Faith? You're about to stab me through the heart with a wooden stake? Oh yes, sorry, I got distracted by your glossy hair and pouty red lipstick for a second.

    Everett Collection

    "Tru Calling" was about a woman named Tru who had a calling. Do you see what they did there? Our calling was to forget awkward title puns and concentrate on lusting over Eliza Dushku in the lead role.

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