We've followed the impressive career of noted large-breast-implant-haver Sheyla Hershey with great interest. Her cup size ascent was slowed by pesky state laws banning her from pumping her novelty breasts full of any more silicone. Luckily, there are no such laws in Brazil, where Hershey traveled to blow up her already record-breaking FFF breasts to a mind-boggling (and unfortunately racist-sounding) 38KKK.

See another impressive shot of the world's largest breasts after the jump.

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Also on Asylum, check out the world's tastiest food bras.

Food Bras: Delicious Decolletage, Edible Underwear

    Pumpkin Bra
    This Pumpkin Bra is nature's D-cup. (Acorn squash available for the more modestly endowed.)

    World's Sweetest Bra
    Who knew that the same tasteless, rock-hard sugar nuggets that went into creating the necklaces of our youth are also used for sexy novelty wear? This bra may remind her of a bikini top, but keep her out of the pool unless you want a soggy, pastel mess to clean up.

    Miso Soup and Rice Bra
    The Miso Soup and Rice bra, for the man who's tired of dilly-dallying around with little girly candies and wants some actual sustenance from his lady's bosom.

    Sweet Tooth Bra
    While this may seem like the best thing for your girlfriend to wear to a movie, you may wind up ignoring the screen with your face buried in her chest. Of course, if you're lucky, you might find a stray piece of popcorn in there.

    Barbecue Bra
    Nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than fire up the grill and invite your friends over for a Brabecue!

    Cheese Bra
    The Cheese Bra is perfect for Green Bay Packers fans with too much dignity to wear the Cheesehead.

    Coconut Bra
    Like a tasteful string of pearls, the Coconut Bra is a timeless classic. Let it lull you to sleep like lapping waves on the shore while Mary Ann and Ginger fan you with palm fronds.

    Gummy Bra
    We have a musical refrain for this one, inspired by the theme of the "Gummi Bears" cartoon: Gummy Bra/ Bouncing here and there and everywhere/ High adventure that's beyond compare/ This is the Gummy Bra.

    Chocolate Bra
    These 100 percent chocolate bras are specially hardened to keep them from melting against the skin. Of course, when you see your lady's "Mounds" encased in chocolate something else might harden as well. (Sorry we went there, but we had to.)

    Marshmallow Bra
    Where do you put the Graham Crackers for the S'Mores? (Please do not actually roast while girl is inside.)