Every week, we look for the best fashions online that are being offered exactly how you like 'em -- at a discount.

Campfire Hooded Sweater
There's something very evocative about the name of this great retro hooded sweater. When we hear the word "campfire" we think of snug, simple knitwear and autumnal brown tones. And marshmallows, obviously. ($39.99 from UrbanOutfitters.com)
Cheap Monday Teo Jacket in Green Stripe This stylish green top from hip Swedish budget label Cheap Monday offers a subdued version of a 1980s Euro streetwear vibe. ($30 from RevolveClothing.com)

Lacoste Men's Down Insulated Vest A cozy down vest is ideal outdoors-wear for the approaching spring. This mossy Lacoste number will fit the bill whether you plan on hitting the wilderness, or prefer to keep your hiking strictly urban. ($136.50 from Bloomingdales.com)
Vintage Suede Belt You really can't go wrong with Gap staples, especially when they're on sale. And you certainly can't go wrong with this simple, shabby-chic brown belt. ($23.99 from Gap.com)