If you saw your ex-wife and her lawyer drowning in a swimming pool, would you go to lunch or the movies?

"We live in a very rural part of Texas and the drive to the county courthouse takes about an hour with nothing but hot, flat highway stretching the whole distance. After our final court appearance -- the one where the court awarded her half of the business that I started before I met her, I began the long drive home. It was on that drive home that I passed a broken-down Mercedes and guess who was hoofing it down the hot asphalt? My ex and her lawyer.

"I honked and waved as I passed them. It would have made for a great story if that were how it ended. But then I thought better of it and pulled over. I did let them get in the car. I mistakenly thought that the uncomfortable vibe was because of the way they had just fleeced me in court. But it was their body language and things said and unsaid over the next half-hour that revealed that my fresh ex-wife and her attorney had a relationship that was much more than professional (or less, depending on how you looked at it). I fought off the urge to kick them out of the car, but then I took one long look at the slimeball sitting next to me, and thought 'good riddance.'"

KW -- Texas

Nasty Divorces

    Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy: The golf legend split with his wife of 26 years following an illicit affair with tennis great Chris Evert. In June, Norman and Evert were married in the Bahamas.

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    John and Sherrie Daly: The two-time major champion and his wife filed for divorce in Nov. 2006, four months after she finished serving a federal sentence involving finances from an alleged drug and gambling ring. The divorce has not yet been processed, even after dueling court claims in 2007 of drunken rampage, knife wielding and sexual assault.

    Lenny Ignelzi, AP

    Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Rodriguez: Less than three months after Cynthia Rodriguez first filed for divorce from the Yankees star, a settlement was reached to end the couple's five-year marriage. Allegations of repeated infidelity were at the root of Cynthia's divorce filing.

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    Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook: They reached an out-of-court settlement, but only after several days of trial testimony exposed lurid details of architect Cook's affair with a teenage assistant and his predilection for Internet porn. The 54-year-old former supermodel agreed to pay Cook $2.1 million. She gets to keep 18 properties in the Hamptons and custody of the kids.

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    James McGreevey and and Dina Matos: She was at her husband's side when he announced in 2004 that he was gay and resigned as New Jersey governor over an affair with a man. In a memoir, she said he hid his homosexuality; he denied it. He said they had trysts with a man; she denied that. A judge ruled in August he has to pay child support -- but no alimony.

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    Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler: When she filed for divorce in May, Butler alleged the funnyman actor abused her and was addicted to marijuana and alcohol. She also alleged he would often leave home without telling her, traveling overseas to engage in "public and private altercations and sexual liaisons." Murray refused to comment on the allegations. The divorce was quickly finalized.

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    Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons and Dawn Gibbons: When Gibbons filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years in May, he also sought a court order to evict Nevada's first lady from the governor's mansion in Carson City, Nev. In court papers, Dawn Gibbons accused her husband of abandoning their marriage because of his "infatuation and involvement" with the wife of a unnamed doctor. In June, the couple announced they were suspending divorce proceedings. Stay tuned.

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    Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea: Bollea filed for divorce from Hogan in November after 23 years of marriage. In June, she filed a court motion asking a Florida judge to throw the wrestling star in jail -- for failing to pay her $4.2 million to get an apartment. Bollea is dating a teenager 29 years her junior.

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    Roman and Irina Abramovich: After he allegedly was caught with a woman half his age, the Chelsea soccer team owner -- who is worth around $22 billion -- reportedly paid his ex-wife $2 billion in a divorce settlement in 2007.

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    Jason and Joumana Kidd: The NBA point guard's divorce went public in early 2007 after his wife blasted the star in divorce filings, accusing him of sleeping with strippers and reporters.

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