When you are engaged in illegal activity -- for instance, eating endangered iguanas -- it's generally good to keep your exploits under wraps. And by "under wraps" we mean "not posted in an online forum where everyone can see you breaking the law."

Two Americans on vacation didn't heed this sage advice, and now Vanessa Starr Palm and Alexander Daniel Rust, both in their early 20s, are cooling their heels in a Bahamas jail. The two posted pictures of themselves grilling and eating a protected iguana on Facebook, and authorities on the island took them to task under the Fisheries Regulations and Wild Animal Protection Act.

Police said the pictures posted on Facebook depicted the two "catching an iguana, parts of an iguana on a grill, two men eating the iguana pieces, and a man and a woman cleaning what appears to be [an] undersized conch."

If "I eat iguana" appeared on either Rust or Palm's "25 Random Things About Me" list on Facebook, we're pretty sure they've since been deleted.