And now we present the women who make you actually want to go in to the office. Are you a hot girl with a cool job? Write us so we can appreciate you.

How would you describe your job?
I'm a professional photographer who shoots commercial and erotic photos. The erotic photos are my personal work where I shoot women in the adult industry, and I have my own site for all that work at (NSFW).

What's the most interesting part?
That the girls I shoot are normal, cool professional girls. I have had my shoots documented to show people how down-to-earth my models are. You can check that out at IFC's Stagg Party (NSFW).

What's the most annoying part?
When models flake, I hate that. What a waste of time.

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What makes a picture hot?
The hottest thing about my pictures is the confidence my models have. So sexy pictures are all about great personalities in strong models.

Is there anything sexy about what you do?
Yes, I hang out with naked women, what could be sexier than that?

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