As if the world didn't have enough problems, what with all the hellbeasts and asteroids and everything, a mysterious fireball has fallen from space.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has received multiple reports of the large fireball, and other smaller debris, plummeting into Texas over the weekend.

Golfers at a ranch in the town of Austin said they saw something flying through the sky with flames trailing behind it. One described the sight as a "bright ball that had an elongated gold-ish tail".

A television station in Austin, Texas, also filmed footage of the mysterious lights while covering a local marathon. The footage has since become a hit on YouTube.

When reports first came in of the fireballs, authorities supposed that a plane had crashed in the area, but a helicopter sent to look for flaming debris found nothing, according to a spokeperson. Others speculated that the debris was falling wreckage from the Russian and American satellites, which collided in orbit last week, but that theory was rejected by US Strategic Command.

For now, at least, nobody knows what the debris is. (Except for those of us who saw Cloverfield, who know that these kinds of lights are obvious portents of an attack by some sort of space lizard.)

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