Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Brain scans have confirmed that confessed misogynists identify women dressed in bikinis as nothing more than objects.

Not only did the half-dressed women trigger activity in the part of the sexist male noggin that is generally reserved for recognizing the inanimate, but some of the men displayed absolutely no activity in the region of the brain which processes the intentions and thoughts of the person they are looking at.

Susan Fiske, the psychologist who conducted the study, claims the only other time scientists have observed such a complete absence of cranial acknowledgment of another's humanity is when people are shown repellent images of homeless drug addicts.

So enough with this "thinking with the wrong head" nonsense. Clearly, a meathead's brain can properly objectify women without having to farm the task out to other body parts.

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This gallery shows how even celebs are unable to refrain from ogling lady parts.

Caught in the Headlights

    Note to Matthew McConaughey: Never stare at co-star's breasts at film premiere.

    Oh Peter O'Toole, you sly 76-year-old Oscar nominated perv. (By the way, the woman is Cate Blanchett)

    French actor Gerard Depardieu looks quite happy standing next to Italian screen legend Sofia Loren.

    Just because you're married to Kate Winslet doesn't make it okay Sam Mendes.

    We're not going to say anything offensive but you can guess what thoughts we wanted to put in Orlando Bloom's mind.

    Lucy Liu, meet Zach Helm. Zach Helm, meet Lucy Liu's breasts.

    There was one more guy in this photo but we cut him out to make producer Nigel Lythgoe look like a creep. Yes, we're being cruel.

    We're not sure why exactly Take That member Mark Owen was looking at Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding.

    Ashton Kutcher is young, wife Demi Moore is still hot. It's okay.

    It must be hard being a back up dancer for Girls Aloud -- one of the hottest girl bands on the planet.

We respect the women in this gallery, and would never objectify them.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition