"Late Night With Conan O'Brien" ended its 16-year run last night, so the red-coiffed host can now assume the coveted postion as the main man on "The Tonight Show" in Los Angeles. Below is Conan's rather formal final "Late Night" monologue in front of his loyal fans, rejected X-Man Shoeverine, S&M Lincoln and an Orthodox Jewish Robot. While we did not see the Masturbating Bear or Pimpbot, we can only assume they were watching from home and wishing Conan the best.

After the jump, check out more higlights from last night's show, including Conan getting a key to the Port Authority johns, and Martha Stewart drinking a 40.

Martha Stewart Brings Taco Bell and O.E. to the show.

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg gives Conan a key to the Port Authority men's room.