Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Teens who listen to music with sexually degrading lyrics also tend to have sex at a younger age.

Researchers defined "degrading" as lyrics that reduce sex to "physical characteristics" and that feature "power differences." They then asked 700 high-school students how frequently they listen to music and to list their favorite artists. From this they were able to determine that a teenager who listens to the most degrading content is about twice as likely to have had sex as peers of his or her same age and race.

While the study's authors posit the correlation they found is very real, they acknowledge that they cannot determine if listening to raunchy music encourages teens to act on their sexual impulses or vice versa.

So it's the old chicken and the egg, only this time with attention-grabbing teen sex.

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    Daily Mail

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    Right Celebrity

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