Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Independent and Republican voters who focused on Sarah Palin's physical appearance may have been less likely to pull the lever for her last November.

Before the election, researchers asked undergraduate students to write a few lines about either what they thought of Palin as a person or what they thought of the way she looked. After sifting out declared Obama voters, the researchers found those who wrote about the Alaska Governor's appearance were more positive overall than those who focused on her qualities as a person. Yet, at the same time, the appearance group viewed her as less competent and had more doubts about voting for her.

"It wasn't her appearance per se that soured people on Palin," said the study's author. "It was the effect her appearance had on their perception of her competence and humanity."

Another possible effect of Palin's looks is that she remains in the national conversation. Speaking of which, we're still kind of hot for her.

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