Once you've heard tales of permanent scarring and testicle-crushing, it's hard to be anything but amused by Kari Heath's version of female revenge.

The 20-year-old Wisconsin woman is facing felony charges for posting a Craigslist ad in which she posed as her boyfriend, Joseph Strauss, and invited homosexual users to call and "talk dirty to him." Heath posted several photos of her boyfriend (including one which was a "sexually explicit photograph of the defendant's erect penis"), and his phone number at work.

The couple had recently argued, and Strauss had allegedly told Heath he had only been using her for sex. When Strauss started receiving calls, he called the police, leading to Heath's arrest for identity theft.

Texas cops are investigating a similar incident in which a man posted the number of a female co-worker with an ad claiming she would "moan like Shamu."