Yesterday it was announced that David Beckham would stay on with Italian soccer club AC Milan, rather than return to the Los Angeles Galaxy to begin the MLS season. The original deal was to have Becks on loan to the Italian team for a short time. Now, he will come back in July nearly halfway through the MLS season. Upon hearing that his coach and Galaxy general manager agreed to let him finish the season in Italy, Mr. Posh Spice said, ''I'm grateful to both clubs for allowing this dream to come true," which roughly translates to, "I'm grateful I don't have to return to the nightmare that is meaningless American soccer."

If calling it a nightmare is an overstatement, than let's just say the MLS is not Beckham's priority, even though he signed a $250 million deal with the Galaxy to play alongside guys who make as little at $15,000. He has sold a lot of Galaxy jerseys, but is that enough considering he's still got three years on his Galaxy contract?

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