Ah, St. Patrick's Day, when the green beer flows and corned beef briefly seems palatable. Despite the scores of drunks who will be running around in T-shirts reading "Everybody loves an Irish Girl" and "Kiss Me I'm Irish," your odds of meeting an actual Irish girl on what is commonly known as "amateur night" are pretty low.

Still, should you spot one of these beguiling creatures, you'll want to be prepared. And since you'll probably be in a compromised state, IrishCentral.com provided you with this list of phrases to avoid making a drunken blunder that will get between you and the "luck o' the Irish."

10. "Shure and Begorrah 'Tis Yourself." Phony Irish accents are a huge turnoff -- especially Hollywood-inspired ones like Tom Cruise's in "Far and Away."

9. "I can be your Colin Farrell if you let me." You mean philandering, B-movie, drug-taking Colin?

8. "I really like your British accent." No greater insult to an Irish girl than calling her British. Know the difference.

7. "Hey Irish cutie, kiss my blarney stones." I'm Irish, not desperate.

6. "I just love a Guinness beer." Fathead -- Guinness is not a beer – it's a stout.

Read the top five things you should never say to an Irish girl after the jump.

5. "Come to my place and we'll do the horizontal Irish jig." If you want to be her Lord of the Dance you'll have to 'reel' her in more slowly.

4. "I'm really a leprechaun and you've found your crock of gold." A crock -- and the woman will spot it immediately.

3. "I just love my bacon and cabbage." A fake Irish meal invented in Hollywood. No Irish girl who knows her roots would touch it.

2. "I love your hair -- is the carpet as red as the drapes?" Stop it already.

1. "U2 is my favorite band." They are everyone's favorite. Get a new act.

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