The golden age of gentlemanly travel -- when a man might ride the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul sipping fine wines the whole way, or head off into the Amazon with only a small army of porters to carry his writing desk and fine china picnic set -- may have passed, but that doesn't mean a well-stamped passport is no longer a key component of any guy's experience arsenal. And no, being able to see Russia from your house doesn't count. Culturally speaking, the world may have become smaller, but its wonders are just as impressive, and traveling it is just as mind-broadening.

We wracked our brains to come up with 23 of the most unique, exhilarating and fascinating destinations around the planet -- on and off the beaten track. We also picked up a copy of travel writer Chris Santella's upcoming book "Once in a Lifetime Trips" for some insider knowledge and checked in with photographer Lane Johnson, who recently completed a year-long round-the-world trip, to get a few firsthand tips.

Of course, we couldn't come close to naming every essential sight, so read on and then let us know your own favorite places. Add pictures of your favorite places every man should visit.

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