When you were a kid, you probably heard the one about Einstein failing math. It turns out that didn't really happen. Being a genius, the young Einstein completely dominated all math classes.

Another child who will never have to worry about arithmetic is Pranav Veera. That's because the 6-year-old from Ohio has an IQ of 176, 16 points higher than the man who gave us the theory of relativity. The first-grader's one-in-a-million score can be attributed partially to his photographic memory -- the youngster can tell you what day of the week any date fell upon back to the year 2000.

Pranav's proud parents want their son's life to be "as normal as possible" and have so far resisted skipping him ahead in school.

Obviously the acclaim and attention that go along with such an inflated IQ can go to a kid's head, especially if he is treated differently. However, here's something the little math wiz should know as well as anyone: One in a million might sound impressive, but it still means there are almost 7,000 other geniuses walking around just as smart as he is.

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