Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employers from discriminating against an employee based on his religion. That means your boss can't fire you for ditching work on a religious holiday. Spend the next year exploring your faith and practicing different religions.

With the number of holy days out there, you'll only work half the year. If your boss wants to deny you the time off, just explain that you'll have to show up naked when celebrating a Digambara holiday or stoned when observing a Rastafari celebration. That should make him reconsider. Here are 10 holidays to get you started, o ye of lots of faith.

Obscure Religious Holidays

    March 21st -- Ostara (Wicca)
    Wiccans celebrate spring and Ostara, the Norse Goddess of fertility, by planting seeds in their spiritual gardens.

    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    March 13th -- L. Ron Hubbard Birthday (Scientology)
    Scientologists celebrate their founder¹s birthday by expanding their services of giving E-meter readings and convincing others that psychiatry is an industry of death.

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    January 1st ­-4th -- Tewa: The Turtle Dance (Mayan Religion)
    Mayans believed the world sat on a giant turtle¹s back. Each day celebrates a different direction (North, South, East, West) with a unique dance.

    Mayela Lopez, AFP

    First of the lunar month of Chet, usually in March -- Hola Mohalla (Sikhism)
    Sikhs love a Renaissance fair more than high school drama students. This holiday is all about mock battles, displaying sword skills, and riding horses.

    Narinder Nanu, AFP

    August 20th -- Birth of the White Buffalo (Lakota Religion)
    The white buffalo is considered a sign of peace on Earth. Lakota people celebrate the holy day by smoking a sacred peace pipe, sitting in a sweat lodge, making a vision quest for wisdom.

    Karen Bleier, AFP

    Elul 1st (12th month of the Hebrew calendar) -- Tithe of Animals (Judaism)
    The Jewish people celebrate the taxes their ancestors paid for their animals. It¹s like celebrating our tax deadline on April 15th.

    Jack Guez , AFP

    September 5th -- Kshamavani, or Forgiveness Day (Jainism)
    Digambara Digambar monks refuse clothing, opting to "wear the environment" instead. On this day, they beg everyone they see for forgiveness. Not for being naked, just for being human.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar, AFP

    February 6th -- Bob Marley¹s Birthday (Rastafari)
    Rastas love three things: their god Jah, ganja, and their most famous disciple Bob Marley. Smoking weed on Bob¹s birthday is actually considered a religious observance.

    Gianluigi Guercia, AFP

    August 29th -- Beheading of St. John the Baptist (Christianity)
    It¹s odd that the most famous image of St. John¹s martyrdom is his head on a plate. Maybe that¹s why Christians celebrate him with a feast day.

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    July 24 -- Pioneer Day (Mormonism)
    A state and religious holiday in Utah, Mormon children delight in covered wagon parades to commemorate the flight of Brigham Young and his followers from persecution in Illinois.

    Craig Line, AP