For reasons that mystify us, New York City's MTA has issued a cease-and-desist order to the "MTA Service Specialists." These specialists are four women who ride the rails providing refreshments, directions, hand sanitizer and a lot of eye candy.

"We give people information on how to get to places like Port Authority or Penn Station. We help women with strollers. If a rider has a package on a seat, we encourage them to remove it so a pregnant woman or an elderly person can sit," said specialist Kiki Valentine.

The MTA's objection is to unfair use of the agency's "intellectual property," which seems to consist of the MTA logos on the girls' uniforms and Web site. It may also have something to do with the attention the subway stewardesses are drawing to its recent fare hikes.

Look, we can deal with the exorbitant fares, the stench and that bum peeing in the station late at night, but please, MTA, don't take away the scantily clad protesters. We need something to make those commutes bearable.

Click for more pictures and video of the service specialists in action.