This surveillance footage shows a driver coolly leaving a store after buying a pack of smokes, putting her SUV in reverse, and then driving full speed through the front doors. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in what we're guessing was an angry delayed reaction to exorbitant tobacco taxes.

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Epic Vehicle Crashes

    Poor BMW Driver did not read the clearly labeled "watch out for giants playing with balls" sign in the car park.

    Finally, Tacos Jalisco got the drive-through they always wanted.

    Local fire crews seem to be trying to figure out if this is some kind of art installation.

    Creative parking. You could fit a MINI Cooper and two Smart cars in that extra space.

    Listen up, drug dealers -- when you're waiting for the importer to bring in your shipment, don't park right on the airstrip.

    "Ice Road Truckers" would be our favorite show if this happened at some point in every episode.

    Here's one of those wrecks where you wish your car was equipped with a ladder, rather than airbags.

    This trucker got one too many speeding tickets.

    A tornado caused this vehicle to experience two new kinds of AC -- an extra fan from a high-school gym and permanently opened windows.

    He used to skateboard. Now he can grind the rails in his Honda Pilot.