The NBA levied yet another fine against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban yesterday. This time they busted him for calling out what he saw as some shoddy refereeing in Friday night's Mavs-Nuggets game. What made this occasion different from the numerous other fines Cuban has incurred (over $1.5 million worth so far) is that this penalty was in response to a pair of Twitter messages.

Of course, Cuban twittered the following response, "can't say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does." To be exact, Cuban's two tweets were only 49 words, so that means the NBA is making approximately $500 a word off Twitter. Obviously, the big-mouthed millionaire is good for it, but how do you feel about him being taken to task for microblogging? Let us know in our poll, and check out some of the other sports stories on our radar below:

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