Even with all the perks of being a pirate -- peg legs, parrots, eye patches, rum -- everyone knows the best part of the pirate lifestyle was getting the motion in your ocean on with a lusty pirate wench. So it should come as no surprise that one artist decided to immortalize a wench with a well put together statue with some eye-popping boobs.

Unfortunately, this lovely piece of history is creating controversy in a Pennsylvania town.

The statue, clad in tight-fitting pants and a low-cut, midriff-baring top, sits outside an antique store, where it has apparently offended a local priest, who likens the swashbuckling siren to "soft porn."

According to the store owner Peggy Kanigoski, "He pointed to the statue and very dictatorially and said, 'I curse you. I curse this place. I want to see this destroyed. I want her destroyed.'"

It's a shame this statue can't defend herself from these violent intentions because with her hook hand and gun, it looks like she could do some damage.

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