Our round-up of the funniest/most annoying April Fool's pranks from around the Web ... Seen any we missed? Let us know in the comments.

YouTube flips upside-down.

Improv Everywhere crashes memorial service for Best Funeral Ever prank.

The Guardian announces it is leaving the world of print to publish exclusively on Twitter. (Guardian)

Funny or Die goes "Reba or Die" and celebrates country star's canon.

Gizmodo edited by spammers for the day. (Gizmodo)

Gmail goes on Autopilot.

Gunaxin announces Rick Astley's US tour.

Reddit becomes Digg for the day. If this makes you laugh, go outside right now. (Reddit)

The invisible car that can fool speed cameras. (Express)

Masturbation can cure hay fever. (New Scientist)

Amazon launches literal cloud computing.

Coming this summer -- Guitar Hero: Leonard Cohen edition. (Crunchgear)

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The 13 Sexiest Genocidal Dictators (COED)

sort of fails with weird pop-ups.

Today's "Discovery Download" on iTunes is John Cage's 4' 33".

Warner Bros.
acquires the Pirate Bay. (Torrent Freak)

Boyfriend secretly films his naked girlfriend getting in the shower. Wait for it. (Don Chavez)

Canada uses satellites to track bad drivers. (Auto123)

BBC launches "Kittens Got Talent" show. (BBC)

Kodak offers miraculous new camera technology.

Megan Fox shows off her pussy...cat. (On 205th)

Tech site Slashdot changes its tagline to "OMG! PONIES!" Haha? (Slashdot)

Google unveils CADIE, an artificial intelligence program that loves pandas. Compared to Google's Mars colonization project announced last year, this just lacks ambition ... (Google)

French museum announces return of the Concorde. Sadly, no one got the joke. (BBC)

Daily Mirror interviews anonymous Deal or No Deal banker. (Mirror)

Swimming fish could generate U.K.'s electricity. (Telegraph)

Ironic Prank Award: "Every time someone tweets a robot comes. That's not true! April fools, suckers!" (Eugene Mirman, Twitter)

Who doesn't need a Hotelicopter?

Follow the trail of pranks on the April Fools site at Love.com.