Get ready to call a medic because Iliza Shlesinger, the cutie that won last season's "Last Comic Standing," is about to take control of your blood-thumper. Here are four reasons why you need to know about Iliza -- she's hilarious, she has an awesome Web show, she will e-mail you back immediately if you message her on MySpace, and she stripped down exclusively for Asylum. Boom.

Not convinced? Check out our slide show for original photos and our interview with Miss Shlesinger, then watch some clips from her show.

Iliza Shlesinger - Todays Crush

    Are you sick of people pointing out you're a female comedian yet?

    "A little bit because funny is funny, and I'm not funny for a girl, I'm funny for a human. So while I understand people are sort of naturally predisposed to making that sort of demarcation, it's kind of frustrating. I'm not angry about it and I understand why people do it, but I'd rather people just think I'm a funny person. If you look on most lineups and notice that I'm the only girl, I think it proves that I'm a funny person." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    You do a lot of jokes about dating. How close are they to your real-life experiences?

    "It's not that I have a lot of jokes about dating, it's that I have a lot of crowd-pleasing jokes about dating. I'd say my act is comprised of about 15 percent of jokes about dating. I'm not even a big dater, and it isn't really even about dating so much as the hilarity that takes place between men and women. I'm painfully self-aware and I bring that to every relationship, be that a friendship or an observational relationship or a dating relationship." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Can you tell us about "The Weakly News?"

    "It's a news show I do once a week on It was really just an outlet for me to be creative but the more I did it, I felt the social responsibility not to be just another talking head out there discussing awful details of pop culture making total losers even more famous. I'm not a politically driven person per se but I feel, as a young person who has this outlet, [a responsibility] to talk to other young people about issues that do affect your lives. Even if it's not that important, like a random news story that took place in another state, I'd rather be talking about that than what some reality whore is wearing on a red carpet. There's just so many bigger things out there. And even if my opinion isn't right or even if it's not based on any actual facts, I think it's more important to discuss a bombing that happened in Israel versus Paris Hilton's latest herpes sore." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Your cat seems to come on the show quite a bit.

    "I rescued him from a shelter and he was abused before I met him, so I kind of took it upon myself to give this cat the best last years of his life. And he's really fat. That's why I adopted him -- because I thought he was cute. Turns out I found out in the last few weeks he has cat AIDS and leukemia. He's just a really sweet animal and I think that a lot people don't like cats because they're trained not to. He's weird-looking, but he's not very bright, so I think he's a great mascot for my new show." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Do you always do the show in your underwear?

    "Yes, I do. When I first started the shoot, there was so much equipment in the studio, and it's so hot in L.A. that I'd have my jacket on and deliver the news, but I wouldn't wear pants under the table because it was so hot. And then it just became a thing. It's not like "Oh, check out my thong." It's always a sensible pair of underwear I wouldn't be ashamed to show my mother. But it's just kind of like a cute little thing we have and people tune in and want to know what color I'm wearing. I don't sit there and gyrate in front of the camera for more than a minute, but you know, you get a peek at my underwear. Which is a nerd's dream, I guess." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    "Don't get me wrong, there are sexier girls out there for sure, but I'm giving you some loosely based facts and a cute pair of underwear. So everybody wins."

    That's a lot better than CNN.

    "Yeah a lot better than CNN or watching "Hardball" with Chris Mathews, cause I don't want to see him in his underwear." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    So you used to do an unemployment blog?

    "It was for DotComedy. Everyone who had their vlog did a take, so there were like sex-advice shows. My whole thing was being unemployed, it was called "Unemployed With Iliza." It was all about what I would do to take up my time because I was unemployed."

    It seems like it would be a particularly apt blog now.

    "Especially now, right? Who knew that was coming? I was ahead of the curve. Now I'm not cool because I have a job. What a loser." (Clothing provided by: Urban Outfitters. )

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Do you have any unemployment tips?

    "You can take your employment as a chance to really get to know yourself. And I don't mean touching yourself, I mean your flying kicks, because some people don't have good form. You can see how many grapes you can put in your mouth. You can choreograph a dance with your pet. You can prank call people, and you can cyberstalk people who you never had a chance to before because perhaps that application was blocked on your work computer."

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Did you read the press you got when you were on "Last Comic Standing?"

    Here's the deal. There are a ton of anonymous, faceless bloggers out there. So I stay away from reading anything that isn't from a credible source. If you're just some douche sitting at home in Michigan in your underwear I'm not going to go read your blog, because if you like me you'll MySpace me and tell me that. And if you don't, you'll put it on a blog and I don't need to go find that. I already have enough self-loathing going on I don't need to hear it from some random 15-year-old kid in a basement."

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum

    Is there anything you'd like to add?

    "The picture of me wearing suspenders playing Nintendo was not my idea. Not only am I not a gamer, I don't think any gamer will be turned on by that picture. I thought I was supposed to be dressing up like Mario, apparently that wasn't the intention. I didn't understand what was going on. Also the ones where I am wearing the pink shorts where I have a cameltoe -- also not my idea."

    Bonnie Biess, Asylum