According to a recent study, men are not so great at telling when women are hitting on them and prefer the direct approach such as "Your place or mine?" This is all well and good in fantasyland where every woman in a bar is a super-aggressive nymphomaniac, but in the real world it can't hurt to develop your Spidey sense for when a girl wants to get tangled in your web.

So we asked women to tell us their moves for letting a guy know they're interested and used their answers to compile the top five ways to tell if a woman is hitting on you.

5. She's using flirtatious body language.
Some signs that she's into you: fondling a wine glass stem, cigarette, finger, or other phallic-shaped object; fiddling with jewelry; playing with her hair; licking her lips; or dangling her shoe off her foot. Get a full list of flirtatious body language here.

4. She's touching you.
She touches your arm or shoulder, finds an excuse to feel your clothing or put her fingers on your chest, or she keeps brushing up against you? Women deal with enough unwanted sexual attention not to invite any extra, so if she breaches the physical contact barrier, she probably wants to get close to you.

Read the top three ways to know a woman is hitting on you after the jump.

3. She's disrobing.
Emily, 29, snared her current boyfriend by "going to the bathroom, mussing up my hair, putting on fresh lip gloss and taking off my cardigan, so that I was wearing only a tank top -- making myself as post-coital-looking as was legally possible."

Women are aware of their boobs and the effect they have on men. So if a woman starts out the night in a cardigan sweater and is now in a skimpy tank top, it's probably because she wants you to notice. Also, if you step away and come back to find she's applied a fresh coat of lip gloss or fixed her hair, she's probably trying to look nice for you.

2. Extended eye contact.
Women aren't always taught how to make the first move, so even if she isn't comfortable coming out with a cheesy pickup line, she probably has the nerve to tell you how she feels with her eyes. If she holds eye contact for more than a few seconds, and ends with a coy smile, she wants you to come talk to her.

She might find excuses to hang around in your general area, like standing next to you at the bar when she orders her drinks. Erin, 25, says, "I usually try to talk up a friend or someone near him because I'm kind of a p*ssy when it comes to talking to guys I actually am interested in. But for the most part, this has backfired on me."

1. She's talking to you.
According to Lauren, 26, "Seriously, if I take the time and energy to leave my bar stool and/or friends after a hard day's work to approach you and ask you some bullsh*t question in a bar, it means I'm interested!" If a woman approaches you with a seemingly irrelevant question in a social situation, odds are very high that she is just making excuses to meet you.

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