What is it about sugary-sweet marshmallow Peeps that makes us want to violate them, dress up them up and take pictures?

Peeps have used their mind-numbing cuteness to take over the Internet with over 200 Web sites, as well as Peeps-diorama photo contests from major media outlets like The Seattle Times and The Washington Post. They have been the best-selling non-chocolate Easter candy for a decade, and the amount of Peeps that will be eaten this year, if lined up, would circle the globe.

Behold the chameleon-like, transcendent power of Peeps. They make Meryl Streep look like an amateur.

Peeps Creations
Click here to see our favorite innovative and eccentric Peeps masterpieces....

Peeps Creations

    Easy Rider Peep
    He's one badass mutha-peeper. The cigarette may be slightly oversized, but hey, he's never been one to conform to society's rules.

    turbojoe, flickr

    Peeps Playing Dungeons and Dragons
    What's more fun than playing Dungeons and Dragons? Playing Dungeons and Dragons with peeps.

    Zesmerelda, flickr

    Diamonds Are a Peep's Best Friend
    But, do Gentle-Peeps really prefer blondes?

    lonecellotheory, flickr

    Peep Fiction
    From a photo essay illustrating how peeps should use the library, "The inappropriate behaviors exhibited by the Peeps, as illustrated above, resulted in a visit with University Librarian Karin Borei. In the above photograph, the peeps can be observed listening to a stern lecture on library behavior."

    Susan Avery and Jen Masciadrelli, Millikin.edu

    Presidential Peeps
    These Peeps are burning with pride for the new President. We don't know if Obama is a fan of the marshmallow treats, but we're of one thing: "Yes, Peeps can!"

    Victoriabernal, flickr

    Peep Taco
    The sugary marshmallowy goodness just complements beans, salsa and cheese so perfectly.

    turbojoe, flickr

    Farm Fresh Peeps
    How terrified would you be if a Peep actually appeared in your egg?

    Metrix X, flickr

    Peeps Mardi Gras
    Let's hope Joe Francis doesn't show up to get footage for his next "Peeps Gone Wild" installment!

    lonecellotheory, flickr

    Peep Passport
    Not many humans realize that peeps need passports to travel internationally. Does this mean the terrorists have won?


    For Peep enjoyment, Jimmy Buffet-style.

    TangoPango, flickr