In the good old days, living like a rock star meant tossing a TV out the window, smashing a bottle of Champagne against the wall and waking up in a pool of your own vomit. Modern rockers are a little less adventurous and more upscale. What do you need to live like a stadium-ready axe slinger? A shag rug, castle, Caribbean island and, well, the occasional skull thrown in for good measure.

With a little hard work, some musical talent, or rich relatives, you too could have your own rocking sex lair.,feedConfig,entry&id=557872&pid=557871&uts=1251406523
Live Like A Rock Star
With a little hard work (or a ton of money) you could have your own sexy rockstar pad.

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Live Like A Rock Star

    Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine spared no expense to develop a quiet storm of beige and cream accented with glass walls and a private pool looking over L.A.

    You always wanted to know where Sting got all freaky and tantric. Oh, you didn't? Well, now you do. If Roxanne took off her red dress here, she'd never find it again.

    International pop star Robbie Williams bought this Wiltshire estate in England's "UFO country" either to watch flying saucers or give the rest of his former bandmates from Take That somewhere to live.

    Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz obviously wanted the take all of the comforts of the road back home, so he made his walk-in closet feel like a backstage dressing room.

    The Paramour is a Silver Lake, Calif., villa and was home for the wannabes in two seasons of the "Rock Star" reality show. Papa Roach rented the space to record "The Paramour Sessions."

    Ozzy Osbourne's mansion is only a little bit goth -- there isn't even a supply of fresh but delicious bats to munch on.

    Lenny Kravitz is not only a talented musician, he's apparently got the knack for building the perfect sex lair. Aside from the practical, leather-covered bar and mirrored tunnel, there's a recording studio.

    Here's a dilemma: Fray singer Isaac Slade wasn't sure if he wanted to inherit this $15 million, 150-acre British estate from a long-lost relative.

    Featured in Interior Design magazine, Kanye West's place is meant to look like a combination of a pop art museum and a tidy candy store.

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    Guitarist/porn producer Dave Navarro knows you don't need more in your kitchen than chrome fixtures and a nice skull.