Remember that time you ate a whole plate of hot wings without breaking a sweat? Bet you thought you were pretty badass, huh? Well, sorry, but there's an Indian mom who is about a billion times tougher than you.

In just two minutes last Thursday, Anandita Dutta Tamuly munched 51 naga jolikia, or ghost chilis, the hottest pepper in the world. The chili scores over one million on the Scoville scale -- the formula that ranks peppers according to the ratio of water you would need to dilute the spice to where you could no longer feel heat.

To put that in perspective, a habanero is barely a quarter as hot as a ghost chili, while the zingiest of zingy jalapenos brings a paltry 8,000 Scoville points to the table.

After her record-breaking stunt, Ms. Tamuly expressed her disappointment, explaining that she'd previously put away 60 peppers in a local event. All men in the immediate vicinity reportedly felt completely emasculated.

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