For centuries, in all corners of the globe, a nice, relaxing cup of tea has been a corrective to all manner of stressful situations: Received bad news? Had a tough day at work? Just been shot in the head? Put the kettle on.

Tammy Sexton, a 47-year-old from Jackson County, Miss., should by all rights have brewed her final pot last week when her husband fired his .38-caliber handgun at her forehead and then turned the weapon on himself. Police were surprised, therefore, when they turned up to investigate the disturbance and were greeted by a bloodied, somewhat confused Ms. Sexton, proffering refreshing beverages.

As it turned out, the bullet from her husband's pistol had apparently passed through the woman's brain without inflicting major damage and flown out the other side. Then, with only a rag to stem the wound, Ms. Sexton had set about filling the teapot before the officers arrived.

Since being rushed to hospital, Ms. Sexton has reportedly been monitored for three days and is expected to make a full recovery. Hopefully, when she gets home, she can put her feet up while someone else makes the tea. We think she's earned it.