No longer content to let a stodgy educational-prep company like the Princeton Review be the go-to arbiter of which colleges party the hardest, Playboy has thrown its iconic brand into the party-school ranking game.

So what does it take for a university to make the House-that-Hef-built's list? Good ratings in the categories of campus life, sports, sex, "bikini" (a combination of girl-to-guy ratio, weather and "cheerleaders," whatever that means) and, surprisingly, brains.

Despite this unexpected academic inclusion, Playboy's list still manages to recognize many of the usual suspects. Or, as we like to call them, "The colleges we would have gone to if we knew then what we know now."

See if your school made the list after the jump.


    The one positive is that the Scotch tape probably won't hold throughout the night.

    When it comes to partying, some guys just can't hang.

    The best shamings are the ones where girls help out with tampons, women's underwear and KY.

    When action on the field wanes, passed-out old guys tend to pay the price.

    All dressed up and nowhere to puke.

    The dreads and hemp necklace isn't a good look for you.

    Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!

    If Jonah Hill wants to continue making movies, he's going to have to kick his addiction to 'Quik.

    Clearly, this guy's not a smoker.

    Much like a chalk outline, the beer bottle outline shows the position of the body when the victim succumbed.

1) University of Miami
2) University of Texas (Austin)
3) San Diego State University
4) University of Florida
5) University of Arizona
6) University of Wisconsin (Madison)
7) University of Georgia
8) Louisiana State University
9) University of Iowa
10) West Virginia University

Do you agree with Playboy's picks? Who got left out?

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