To make your space complete, whether it's a man cave, evil lair or your own little scuzzy studio, there are few things that can make a personal statement quite like a bed. You spend over 12 hours a day in it (that's normal, right?) and, if you're lucky some very happy times can be spent in, on or under your bed. So forget about Ikea for once and pick a wacky bed.

If you need some decorating ideas, check the gallery below. A pirate bed? A hamburger mattress? Quite possibly the ultimate in insane sleeping arrangements. Let us know if you have weirder choices. We just can't decide.

Bizarre Beds

    Nothing says "living the good life" better than sleeping between two all-beef patties and a sesame seed bun.

    Leah Kennedy

    You know what makes us sleepy? Boring art.

    You can actually buy this. But since it's probably manufactured on "Dune," S&H is going to be a bear.

    Animica USA

    What's worse? Sitting on this art installation, "Bed of Roses," or sitting through "Bed of Roses," the 1996 "romantic" tragicomedy starring Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson?

    Flickr, Admean

    Convenient: a French-designed Murphy Bed that folds up into the ceiling over your sofa.
    Less convenient: accidentally killing your guests with your poorly latched ceiling-bed.

    Sure, this "Cloud Bed" is great for meditating alone in your weird, Second Life-y looking room. But if you try to have sex in it, you will probably carom through a wall and into a neighboring apartment.

    Fresh Home

    What's creepier than a locking bed-cage? A bed-cage occupied by a come-hither George Lucas lookalike. (IT'S A TRAP!)

    Perfect for post-orgy naps and sleepovers with the Beastie Boys.

    Flickr, Scott G

    So many nautical-sex jokes, so little time.

    For the analog hobo in your life.

    Flickr, JosePHP