Has humanity has finally met its match? While the outbreak of swine flu is still in its early stages, it's just a matter of time before it brings us all to our knees. Er, probably. Maybe.

Anyway, we think that it's nigh time for you to get ready for the "snoutbreak" by picking up a surgical face mask. But you don't want just any face mask. You need something to stand out from the plague-infested crowds.

So, here are our favorite face-mask fashions -- from hand-made knit masks to all-out zombie-plague hockey-mask mods. Good luck, and we'll see you on the other side of the apocalypse.

Face Mask Fashions

    Fashion masks have become popular in China, South Korea and Japan, but unless you're a teenage girl from Osaka or a character in a Manga cartoon it's best to avoid the Winnie the Pooh look.

    Okay so the fleece material on this American Apparel moustache-hood might not be that hygeinic. But it's always good to look jaunty and well-groomed in the midst of a deadly outbreak.

    American Apparel

    Note to the guy on the left -- bright colours and characters = cool on girls with pink hair, creepy on men in suits.

    Getty Images

    Hand-stiched, neat and restrained colours make this mask a definite hit among the fashion-elite of Shoreditch and whatever plague-pit you end up spending the apocalypse inside.

    "Aw, it's a tiger! Let me have a go! I just want to see if it fits! Oh God -- oh, wait, I've exposed us both to the deadly germs, argh, argh!! Gurgle." The end.

    A bit depressing, perhaps, but you have to love the custom graphics.

    Getty Images

    Whether you just shop at Cyberdog or really do live in the year 2300, this mask is for you.

    Once the virus has turned the populous into an army of hungry zombies, you're going to need a little more protection than the fabric mask provides. Try this ice hockey mask instead.

    Getty Images

    Once again, one for the girls we think.

    No this is what we're talking about! No one's going to mess with your stash of anti-virals when you look like this!

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