Attention wannabe vigilantes! Drop your homemade weaponry, because these days you can get your crime-solving fill without even leaving the house. The new ultimate device for catching the culprit? Facebook.

This trend certainly isn't new, and as people catch on, criminals are getting busted -- caught because they just couldn't escape the allure of bragging about their criminal achievements on the newsfeed or posting easily identifiable pictures of themselves in online photo albums.

So, would-be criminals and fledgling crime-fighters: Read below, as we walk through the stories of successful Facebook justice. Before you know it, there will be a Nicolas Cage movie about a sheltered genius who uses social networking sites (FaceSpace, MyBook?) to fight the forces of evil, coming to theaters near you.

Lesson #1: If you spray paint a special tag all around town, you might not want to brand it to your Facebook page.

We totally get the need to broadcast talents to friends on Facebook -- that's what it's for, right? But unless you're Banksy, your masterful tags probably won't go over too well with the feds. That's why, when specific tags were appearing all over Winnipeg, officers received a tip directing them to Facebook, where they found the same designs on an 18-year-old's page.

Lesson #2: If you get caught on surveillance camera, just because you don't have a mug shot on file doesn't mean your face isn't already out there for the finding.

Smile! ... Or not. The Queenstown police of southern New Zealand nabbed their first Facebook crook after they caught a good shot of a burglar looking directly at the security camera after removing his mask. Quickly after posting the shot to their two-month-old page, tipsters sent suggestions and they identified the 21-year-old thief.

Lesson #3: Don't get wasted and steal someone's laptop -- especially if she's tech-savvy and you're an important financial planner whose job is at stake.

Lesson #4: You may think you hate Facebook ... until it fixes your truck's windshield, returns your GPS and your XM satellite radio.

Lesson #5: When you commit a hurtful hate crime on your college campus, don't assume your victim doesn't know how to find you on Facebook. He might just find you before the police even open the case against you.

After an attack on a gay student at Georgetown University, the victim not only went to campus police, but also to his Facebook account. It didn't take him long to find his attacker among the school's small population, where everyone uses the site.

Lesson #6: Before you commit a crime, check to see if your local police department has a Facebook page.

Maine residents better watch their backs ... and their logins. The Auburn Police Department had its Facebook page up for only three weeks before it started helping them to close cases. From vandalism to burglary, the most recent success involved finding a video on the site featuring a resident stealing a snowboard. And forget the nightly news -- it only took a few hours for a video the department posted of a sandwich-shop robbery to get hundreds of views, hopefully leading to a quick ID.

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