Apparently having decided that real life isn't enough like a slapstick teen comedy, last week a group of Seattle-area high-school students set about recreating that hoariest of campus flick clichés, the pitched lunchroom battle.

Around 100 teenagers apparently took part in Thursday's pre-planned melee, which included flying milk, fruit, condiments and noodles.

The mean old administrators even fulfilled their role by expelling 14 participants and threatening to cancel prom.

Oh, no! Not prom! Quick, let's raise money by turning our parent's house into a brothel. Then we'll drill a hole in the wall to the girl's showers, write a letter listing the important things we've learned about ourselves and throw a keg party out at the Moon Tower.


    The one positive is that the Scotch tape probably won't hold throughout the night.

    When it comes to partying, some guys just can't hang.

    The best shamings are the ones where girls help out with tampons, women's underwear and KY.

    When action on the field wanes, passed-out old guys tend to pay the price.

    All dressed up and nowhere to puke.

    The dreads and hemp necklace isn't a good look for you.

    Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!

    If Jonah Hill wants to continue making movies, he's going to have to kick his addiction to 'Quik.

    Clearly, this guy's not a smoker.

    Much like a chalk outline, the beer bottle outline shows the position of the body when the victim succumbed.