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Tila Tequila Twittered that she's pregnant. And the father might be that rascal Ray J. For the love of Ray J! (Anything Hollywood)

Michael Eisner is seriously producing a Bazooka Joe movie. Ironic as Hollywood usually cobbles together scripts from discarded Bazooka Joe comics. (/Film)

Britney Spears is back in a bikini. What, is it 2002 again? (Derober)

Rashida Jones is dating Obama's speechwriter, Jon Favreau. No, not the "Iron Man" guy. (Actress Archives)

Uwe Boll is making a movie about Darfur with Billy Zane. Doesn't this qualify as an international incident? Can't the U.N. intervene? (FilmDrunk)

"Ghostbusters 3" could start filming this winter. Dare we dream for the return of uptight art curator Janosz? (UGO)

The first trailer for James Cameron's "Avatar" will be attached to "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." (Bam! Kapow!)

Are these the secret Scientology conversations between Will Smith and Tom Cruise? Please don't sue us. (Holy Taco)