According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours for a person to master a craft. While we are not yet prepared to declare Keith O'Dell Jr. of Johnstown, N.Y., a master pool player, considering that the 2-year-old has yet to be conscious for 10,000 hours, he's certainly many steps ahead of the curve.

Check out the toddler pool shark and other child prodigies with skills you wouldn't mind borrowing after the jump.

O'Dell, who prefers 8 ball, can only reach the table if he stands on a chair.

By age 4, dart prodigy Nathan Bradley had a sponsorship deal.

You wouldn't think a third-grader from Wisconsin would know anything about the blues, but 8-year old Tallan Latz is being hailed as the future of the genre.

Unlike the aforementioned wiz-kids, 6-year-old soccer star Madin Mohammed won't have to spend his formative years performing in bars.

Although, if you're worried adult temptation will ruin these child prodigies, remember that Tiger Woods was showcasing his perfect swing on national TV ... at the age of 2.