From the Sheens to the Cyruses, celebrity dynasties keep Hollywood running. Having a parent in the biz is a surefire way to score your first role, get your crummy script greenlit or end up in the tabs when you get popped for a DUI. A great many celebrities have famous moms and dads who helped them get their foot into the revolving door of Tinseltown.

In honor of Father's Day, we'd like to honor the celebrity dads you might not be aware of, the famous pops who worked behind the scenes or in different fields than their famous progeny. Sure, you know that Kirk Douglas begat Michael Douglas, and that Tom Hanks gave us a less talented version of himself in Colin Hanks. But do you know which soap opera actor Jennifer Aniston calls papa? Or who fathered both Rashida Jones and "Thriller"? Your favorite stars might not be where they are today without daddy.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=613056&pid=613055&uts=1249325702
Guess the Famous Dad
She's the "Parks and Recreation" cutie who bewitched John Krasinksi on "The Office" (and in real life). Who's her famous dad? Click on the image to find out.
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Celebrities with Surprisingly Famous Dads

    Joanna Gleason:

    She's known for her stage work ("Into the Woods") and her turn as Dirk Diggler's mom in "Boogie Nights." But you might know her dad if you "made a deal" on television whilst wearing a crazy costume.

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    Monty Hall:

    Yes, Monty Hall of "Let's Make a Deal" fame is Joanna Gleason's daddy. And he's still kicking at 87. If only he'd take over "Deal or No Deal" and show Howie how a real deal is made.

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    Robert Downey Jr.:

    Before he was Iron Man, Downey Jr. got his start working for his father. Let's just say it wasn't at the corner store.

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    Robert Downey Sr.:

    Downey Jr. inherited his outsider sensibility (and name) from his experimental filmmaker dad, best known for the advertising satire "Putney Swope." Little Robert demonstrated an early penchant for acting in his dad's films "Pound" (where he played a sick puppy), "Up the Academy" (aka, "Mad Magazine's Up the Academy") and others. The duo worked together several times after Downey Jr. hit it big, resulting in oddities like "Rented Lips" and "Hugo Pool." Are you really surprised that Robert Downey Jr.'s dad is a kooky indie filmmaker? It's not like he was going to be a plumber.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow:

    You might assume that Gweenie's famous mom Blythe Danner is to thank/blame for her career. But her father was also a bigwig behind the scenes. Do you know which TV show he was responsible for?

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    Bruce Paltrow:

    Gwyneth's pop was one of the brains behind "St. Elsewhere," and worked on "The White Shadow" and "Homicide," among other shows. Bruce also coaxed his famous daughter into singing with Huey Lewis in the karaoke movie "Duets" they worked on together. Sadly, Gwyneth and her less famous brother Jake lost their father to oral cancer in 2002. If only Bruce had been around to tell Gwyneth and her Coldplay hubby not to name their kid after a fruit.

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    Chris Pine:

    Before Chris barked orders at the Enterprise crew in "Star Trek," his father was telling Erik Estrada what to do on TV. Can you guess what show Chris Pine's pop appeared on?

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    Robert Pine:

    Yes, Chris' dad Robert is also actor, best known for his role as Sgt. Joseph Getraer on "C.H.I.P.S."And he's worked steadily since, appearing in everything from "ALF" to "24." (Chris' grandmother, Anne Gwynne, was also a major movie star in her day.) Chris recently told "People" that he learned about the ups-and-downs of the biz from his father. Though he probably doesn't have to worry about the downs anytime soon, considering they're going to make like a bajillion "Trek" movies whether we want it or not.

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    Jennifer Aniston:

    She patented her own hairstyle and lives a tabloid soap opera thanks to splits from Brad Pitt and John Mayer. But her father is actually on a soap opera. Can you guess which one? Hint: "Like sands through the hourglass..."

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    John Aniston:

    " are the days of our lives." Yes, Jennifer's pop is the villainous Victor Kiriakis on "Days of Our Lives." Though the Greek-American actor has also appeared on "The West Wing" and "Gilmore Girls," he never turned up on "Friends." And Joey was a soap actor. That seems like a no-brainer

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