(Or, five reason that Palm may become the Netscape of computer hardware. Either way, it will be bloody.)

We're going to spare you all of the hot and heavy techie huff and puff and get straight to the point. There are five -- and only five -- reasons why the Palm, with its newly released Pre, will once again ascend to the throne of handheld gadget supremacy ... or at least die trying.

5. Awwww, It's So Cute!

Yes, you heard that right: The device is cute, almost to the point of obnoxiousness. It's nearly an inch shorter than its iPhone competition when closed and fits snuggly into most pockets. Don't be surprised if Oprah gives away hundreds of these at an upcoming show.

But, hold the phone ... the iPhone is actually more than 25 percent thinner and has all of those snazzy commercials touting its incredible design. Also, don't count out Apple that showed off a new, more ergonomic version of their handset at the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 8.

Find out how connections, keyboards and plain old hate may help the Palm Pre, after the jump.

4. Supreme G-Force

If you can't tell a 3G from Mr. G, you probably won't care about this. The Pre will come 3G-enabled out of the box, and some consumer will have access to Sprint's superior and already deployed 4G network. AT&T, the iPhone's main telephone-service squeeze, won't be taking the wraps off their network until late next year.

But, Hold the Phone ... Sprint is lagging behind AT&T and Verizon, mostly because of their nearly lethal merger with Nextel. They have yet to rebound and have not offered anything to customers to entice them to switch over. A new phone might do it for them, but only time will tell.

3. We're All Connected

Synergy -- it's not for chemistry class anymore. The Pre will come equipped with the ability to sign into all of your major networking accounts, such as Gmail, Facebook, and MS Exchange, and manage all of your contacts from one singular place. You'll also be able to combine all of your instant and text messages into one chat window, which cuts down on having to jump around from program to program. Currently, you can't receive picture or instant messages on your iPhone without downloading a separate application.

But, Hold the Phone... If you haven't heard, Apple just surpassed the "one billion apps served" mark. That's what we call support. Everybody is on the iPhone bandwagon, offering thousands of applications and games, many of them free, to customize the iPhone to your liking.

2. QWERTY Personality

If you've become accustomed to tactile feedback, the Pre has you covered. It comes with a full keyboard -- even the letter Z! -- and can be stored away using the phone's sliding ability.

But, Hold the Phone ... It's compact. It's so cramped, you'll be asking the Return key to move over a little bit. It's a shame that only the number keys made the transition over to the touchscreen because now we're going to have to endure text messages from Rotundy McFatFingers like "Dide, lets gp to thw mall!" The iPhone has no keys, which takes away all the fun for all of you with button fetishes, but still delivers quite effectively.